dentmark dental chair led reflector light

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Category : Dental chair head lights
Weight : 5000gm
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dentmark dental chair led reflector light

1. Smooth lines and simple as well as functional technical solutions and innovation
2. LED WHITEdental light with detachable hygienic handles has been designed to be ergonomic and modern at the same time, it is also with progressive asjustment of the illuminance.
3. The new electronic control of the illuminance, activated by double sensor points, adjusts the light from 7000lux-42000lux without any interruption, keeping the colour temperature constant.
4. Thanks to design of the clearly geometry of reflectors, in combination with each LED source, allow to realize a lumious flux which is homogenous, clean and shadowless.
5. All optical ultimate standards are met of exceeded.
6. Almost three hundreds reflective plata, the every plata is a complete flare and the projecting plane of them are more than 180°, therefore, they are able to ensure the symmetrical of illuminance and symmetrical of color temperature for flare meanwhile, it got the unexceptionable no shadow effect.

1. Volltage: 12V±10%
2. Power: 3-8w
3. Bulb Voltage: 2.5-3.0V
4. Illumination: 7000lux-42000lux
5. Light Spot: 75x158
6. Color Temperature:5300-5700k
7. CRI: >85%
8. Shadowless Effect: <φ8
9. Eye Intensity: <100lux
10. Net Weight: 985g
1. Simple and smart shape design.
2. Adjust the intensity from 7000-42000lux.
3. Two kinds of switches: handle and sensor.
4. Handle covers can be taken off and sterilized under the high temperature(135℃).
5. The reflector keeps the uniformity of the light spot.
6. Good shadowless effect.
7. All the optical parameter reaches or exceeds the business standard

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