Dentmark dental self ligating ceramic bracket

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INR 10500  INR 9999

Almost invisible
Clarity SL Braces are made of transparent high-tech ceramics. They let your natural tooth colour shine through and are hardly visible in your mouth.
Easy dental hygiene
A clean solution: Self-ligating ceramic braces simplify the cleaning of teeth and braces because they make do without rubber ligatures.
High wearing comfort
Why dentmark eally be called FeelGood Braces? Maybe because they have particularly smooth rounded edges or because they move your teeth most gently. Make up your own mind
Short treatment appointments
The wires of the  Braces are held by a clever clip system. This way your orthodontist can change the wires faster and you spend less time in the orthodontists chair.
Fast and effective
The special design of the  Braces helps to move your teeth fast and efficiently into the proper position. This can lessen the overall duration of your treatment.
Well tolerated
Ceramic Braces have a high biocompatibility. If you are allergic to nickel or chrome, you should discuss whether to use  Braces with your orthodontist.

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