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Category : High Speed Led Air Rotor
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Dentmark standard led chuck type airrotor handpiece

The Airotor is a precision device for removal of tooth tissue  efficiently and rapidly with no pressure, heat or vibration and easily cut the tooth. high speed led airrotor handpiece ,used in dentisity.The ideal position of the LED on the head of the handpiece guarantees the optimal view and shadow free illumination of the treatment electric handpiece.


- Unique electric generator,just a  little air can generate sufficient power

- Self-illumination without connecting circuit to provide shadow free illumination

- chuck type cartridge to change bur, easy and convenient.

- Autoclavable at 135℃ to avoid cross-infection.

- 3 jets water spray for effective cooling of bur and treating contact surface

- High-grade material with a stylish design

- Bordon 2-Hole connection for better compatibility

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hand piece

1x Handpiece
1x Head Opener
1x User Manual

- Dentmark led chuck type High speed handpiece
- 2-hole standard led chuck type handpiece
- It has unique appearance design and fluent outline.
- With people-friendly design, easy for operation.
- With best quality cartridge, easier for cleaning.
- With high-speed turbine rotation, it has better performances.
- Chucking power of chucking needle is 20N-45N. 
- It is noise-free and stable.
-Idling speed of handpiece should be no less than 390,000 rotations under working air pressure of 25-30 pressure atmosphere.
- It is only for people who have dentistry medical qualification.
- Ceramic Bearing Handpiece
DESCRIPTION High speed LED handpiece, 3-way water spray ,2 hole
NEEDLE CHANGE chuck type
AIR PRESSURE 180~250 KPa (1.8~2.5 kgf/cm2)
WATER PRESSURE 198Kpa (2 kg)
ROTATION SPEED 370,000-420,000 rpm

1 year warranty on handpiece  tubing.

3 Month warranty on cartridge & bearings.


DR. MAHINDRA SINGH On February 27, 2019

good quality