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Micro Mega MM 1500 is an air driven sonic dental handpiece that is used in rotary endodontics procedures. The endo handpiece can be used for total elimination of organic debris from the root canal. The device can help the dentist in safe management of canals with steep curvatures. The endo handpiece should be used with rotary endodontic files for uniform removal of tooth structure. The MM 1500 by Micro Mega offers reduced operator fatigue in addition to increasing patient comfort. 

  • Air Driven Sonic Handpiece  
  • Acoustic Waves Transmission
  •  Continuous irrigation  
  • Exceptional quality of the finished canal surface
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-> Total elimination of organic debris
-> Maintaining the original canal form
-> Efficient enlargement with fine 
-> Safe management of curvatures
-> Continuous irrigation
-> Exceptional quality of the finished 
     canal souface.

-> Uniform removal of tooth structure
-> Reduced risk of perforation
-> Eliminates the potential apical zipping


-> Reduced operator fatigue
-> Increased patient comfort


Neha Sharma On January 1, 2019

very good quality handpiece.