Dentmark dental brushless motor 50000 rpm

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Dental Micromotor Brushless with Handpiece 50,000 rpm speed control by foot pedal
1 power socket: Connect to power line
2 speed foot switch Interface: The foot switch can choose any speed
from 0 rpm to the speed control knob set
3 Knob Speed indicator: When the indicator light on the knob function is enabled speed.11
4 start and stop lights start and stop lights to indicate the handpiece is in working
condition, when the light is off, the handpiece to stop working
5reverse indicator lights on behalf of reversal
6 Forward indicator lights representatives Forward
7  foot pedal indicator lights, on behalf of the pedal speed control  
function is enabled, you can adjust speed through foot pedal
8 start /pause button
9 speed mode select button to choose knobs or foot pedal to
control speed
10 reversing button control handpiece Reversible

Input:220V /110V
Output: 4A
Size: 20*20*8
Net Weight 2.25kg

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Dr Dinkle On February 11, 2019

i am happy to use tjis

Neeraj On February 18, 2019

really like it and its good price