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Dentmark Root Elevators Premium Set of 6 - Gold Series

Root Elevator Premium - Gold Series - ERES6 P

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Brand: Dentmark
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Root Elevator Premium Set of 6 - Gold Series 

The three basic types of elevators are:

  • The straight type dental elevator.
  • The triangle or pennant-shaped type dental elevator.
  • The pick type used to remove roots.

The straight type is the most commonly used elevator to luxate (loosen) teeth.

  •   The blade of the straight elevator has a concave surface on one side that is placed toward the tooth to   be elevated.
  • The small straight elevator, No. 301, is frequently used for beginning the luxation of an erupted tooth before application of the forceps.
  • Larger straight elevators are used to displace roots from their sockets and are also used to luxate teeth that are more widely spaced or once a smaller-sized straight elevator becomes less effective.
  •  The most commonly used large straight elevator is the No. 34S.

The triangle or pennant-shape type.

  •  The second most commonly used type of elevator is the triangular elevator.
  •  These elevators are provided in pairs: a left and a right.
  • The triangular elevator is most useful when a broken root remains in the tooth socket and the adjacent socket is empty.
  •  A typical example would be when a mandibular first molar is fractured, leaving the distal root in the socket but the mesial root removed with the crown. The tip of the triangular elevator is placed into the socket, with the shank of the elevator resting on the buccal plate of bone. The elevator is then turned in a wheel-and-axle rotation, with the sharp tip of the elevator engaging the cementum of the remaining distal root; the elevator is then turned, and the root is delivered.
  •  The Cryer elevator is the most common type (pairs of these elevators are also commonly referred to as “east-west elevators”)

The root-tip pick or the apex elevator.

  • A delicate instrument that is used to tease small root tips from their sockets.
  • It must be emphasized that this is a thin instrument and should not be used as a wheel-andaxleor lever type of elevator such as the Cryer elevator.
  • The root tip pick is used to tease the very small root end of a tooth by inserting the tip into the periodontal ligament space between the root tip and the socket wall

Set of 6 Pcs
- DM - E31P - Cryer Large flag Left
- DM - E32P - Cryer Large flag Right
- DM - E34SP - Seldin Round gouge with 4.0 mm blade
- DM - E1FP - Flohr Straight pointed gouge with 3.2mm blade
- DM - E2FP - Flohr Left pointed gouge with 3.2mm blade
- DM - E3FP - Flohr Right pointed gouge with 3.2mm blade

Root Elevator Premium Set of 6 - Gold Series 
The biggest variation in the type of elevator is in the shape and size of the blade.

Material:French Stainless Steel Tips With Titanium Nitride Coated
Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Handle
Dull-Polished Finishing
Rusting Prevention Procedure Passivated
Ultrasonic Cleaned
Tests Performed Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test

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