Dental Pneumatic Elevator

Dental Pneumatic Elevator with Five Tips

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Dental Pneumatic Elevator


(1) Turn off the cooling water and the atomization switch.
(2) Select a suitable nose according to the tooth extraction.
(3) Link the dental pneumatic air source connector with the universal link head of the dental treatment machine.

 Operating method:
(1) Pneumatic and stop: pedal the dental machine, start, and stop by releasing the foot switch.
(2) Adopt a pen-holding handle, with the blade plane facing the tooth side, the periodontal clearance direction is parallel, and insert the periodontal clearance along the long axis direction and the handle.

Usage of Tips:
(1) Select suitable tips according to the different tooth extraction parts, and will have five A1; A2; A3; A4; A5 models respectively
(2) A1 is used for premaxillary molars and lateral periodontal periodontal cutting.
(3) A2 is used for upper and mandibular molars and mandibular wisdom teeth, buccal periodontal gap, periodontal cutting, and mandibular molars wisdom teeth, tongue side gap, cut off the periodontal membrane.
(4) A3 is used for double bending, mechanical design for maxillary 18 wisdom teeth, buccal periodontal clearance, periodontal cutting, and 28 wisdom teeth palate periodontal clearance and periodontal cutting.
(5) A4 is used for double bending, mechanical design for maxillary 28 wisdom teeth, cheek periodontal gap, periodontal cutting; and periodontal cutting of maxillary 18
(6) A5 is used for upper and lower maxillary front teeth, premolars, lip, tongue, and palate periodontal clearance.

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Dental Pneumatic Elevator

Cleaning and sterilization:

(1) Flush the outside under flowing water to remove surface dirt.
(2) Wipe with sterilized alcohol cotton balls.
(3) Inject sufficient amounts of lubricant into the tappet intake hole with a dental high-speed cell phone spray cleaning lubricant.
(4) Seal the tappet and the straight head separately into the disposable package.
(5) High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization.

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