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1.The dental cutting lathe can be used in all kinds of cutting and polishing for various  pint-sized metal, resin,or plastic work pieces and craftwork

2. It is designed with integrated drilling bit and motor at the same time,and extending the useful time of the drilling pieces

3. High rotation speed, fast cutting and griding and low noise

Note: This unit is applied to single phase AC. So there will be some magnetic induction,this is normal.
So power supply coming with ground line is requested, if no ground line, pls help to connect the wire underneath with the ground, then power on it.
How to operate:
Access to the corresponding power outlet 220V 50Hz (110V 60Hz), and confirm whether it is normal operation or the work light is normally on.
If the noise is abnormal, please discharge the belt jacket.

1. loose the fastening screw of the head with the annex to the hexagonal wrench, see whether the belt pulley is straight with the head of the motor between the wheels.
If not, adjust it by moving the head in or out.

2. Turn the head slightly and adjust the belt tight or loose to make it fixed, then open the switch and observe the operation to minimize the noise, in order to reach the best working order.

Special Note:
Never operate it without gripping objects in any case to prevent the damage of the head.

High Speed Dental Cutting Machine JT-24

Voltage: 220V 50Hz±10% 110V 60Hz±10%

Power: 180W

Rotation speed: 2800 rpm

Motor speed: 20000 rpm

Dimensions: 34*32*36cm

Weight: 14kg

SKU: JT-D-24B-220