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Category : Air Polisher & Powder
Weight : 250gm
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Dentmark Dental Intraoral Sandblaster Standard Model BIO-ART(4 HOLE)




Bio-art Microblaster is a portable pneumatic device.easy to install and operate,designated to syrface blasting,mainly in dental works.the use of Microblaster in dentist's offices and dental laboratories has more and more been requested for being practical ,ergonomics and accurate in small jobs and /or where  the area to be blasted has a slight contact with areas of preservation from blasting.Bio-art microblaster is provided with an ejecting needle made of sintered carbide,which assures  higher durability and accuracy during blasting.Bio-art has  developed three microblaster models depending on the purpose.Microblaster standard and lab models-  one fixed nozzle mounted at a 138 degree angle.Microblaster plus model- Two removable and autoclavable nozzles, mounted at 90 degree and 138 degree angles.



1.       Cement removal of metal, resin and other materials crowns;

2.       Internal cleaning of "inlay-onlay" of resin and ceramic;

3.       Cleaning and degreasing of metal and ceramic when using the practice of"intra-oral ceramic repair";

4.       Occlusal sandblasting for fine adjustment, replacing the use of carbon;

5.       Internal evidentness for adjustment and placement of crown;

6.       Adjustment of interproximal contacts;

7.       Cleaning of casting parts;

8.       Oxide removal


When opening the package,check for the presenceof the following item inside according to the specified model.

Microblaster standard and lab models:

1 microblaser with fixed nozzle and ejecting needle at 138 degree.

1 Quick coupling;

1 Handpiece connector;

1 A tank with 40g aluminium oxide 50 microns;

1 instruction manual;

Dentmark Dental Intraoral Sandblaster Standard Model BIO-ART(4 HOLE)