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Category : Oburator Machine
Weight : 230gm
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OP fill can be heat to 200 oc in 3s, can be melting all kinds of gutta percha. It support the vertical compaction of gutta percha for the root canal(mainly is the apical parts) filling. It is intended exclusively for use by trained dentist only in clinic or laboratory.

Safety caution

Caution: the temperature of the tip is very high during surgery, in order to prevent from being burned, please avoid it directly contact to the oral soft tissue.

Dentmark dental GP Obturation Pen

Heat: Press the button to heat the tip, the Led indicator light red.The tip can reach working temperature within 3 second.
Charge:Put the obturation pen onto the charging base, the LED indicator light blue.The unit should be continuous charging more than 8 hours from low voltage to full charge.
Safety caution:
The temperature of tip is very high during the surgery , in order to prevent from being burned, please avoid it directly contact to the soft tissue.

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Charging Base-----1 PC
Obturation Pen-----1 PC
 Pen Tip -----2PCS


Charging system
Operating Voltage DC.3.6V
Adaptor Input: AC 100V/220V 50-60HZ
Power: 10w
Charging time 4 hours


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