Dentmark dental destroy used needle & syringe

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Needle Syringe Destroyer helps to destroyer needles and syringes immediately after use. Syringes and needles should be disposed off immediately in order to avoid reuse by irresponsible elements. Reuse of syringes and other medical equipments is a major cause for many illnesses and diseases like HIV.
Syringe & Needle Destroyer
Two slot easy operation for destroying Needle & Syringe.
Needle melts electrically & Syringe cuts by automatic electrical blades.
Incinerates the needle instantaneously
Cuts the syringe within seconds.
Low power consumption
Can destroyer disposable syringe & needle 18G to 28G
Collection receptacle to collect the waste
Power coating housing Provision of On/Off switch with pilot lamp
Shock proof-Main circuit breaker is provided Portable, compact, handy.

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