Dentmark dental soft tissue surgical laser(3 watt)

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Dentmark dental soft tissue surgical laser(3 watt)

Advantages in Dentistry with Dental Lasers:->

 Less and Sometimes No Blood Loss for Surgery Optical coagulation:

Seal blood vessels without thermal cauterization or carbonization Cut and coagulate precisely at same time.

Avoid collateral tissue damage, increase tissue-protecting surgery

Minimize post-operative in flammation and discomfort Controlled depth of laser penetration accelerated patient healing.

 Increase patient turn over rates with more efficient laser procedures Reduce patient discomfort and the need foranesthetic EffectiveTreatment of Oral Therapy.

 Sensitivity is Detected On Time  BENEFITS Practitioners: ->

      Free expression of dental mastery and expertise.

      Presetoptions and / or choice of user settings.

      Dental clinic revenue boosts (over30%) shortening treatment duration      and increasing ability toper form more treatments.

      Increased marketable visibility and prestige for dental clinics.


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