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Root Canal Treatment V-AL-II apex locator


1.Large color LCD screen to expose the moving trace of the reamer clearly elegant appearance ingenious design for convenient operation.
2. Multi-frequency operating system  to ensure the accurate measurement in any condition.
3. Self-calibrating  to bring the accuracy at any time in any root canal environment (No matter the vital or necrotic pulse, dry or wet blood, EDTA, normal saline or sodium hypochloride exist or not).
4. The apex position can be set as you need.
5. Different tones of the sound indicator — to inform you the trace of reamer;
6. Power supply: Double A Battery (3 pcs).
7. Auto power off completely, to extend the duration of battery.
8. Autoclavable reamer holder and contrary electrode — to avoid cross infection.

1. Battery: DC 4.5V (Double A battery of 3 pcs)
2. Ambient temperature:+4°c ~+45°c
3. Relative humidity range: ≤85% or 90% RH
4. Atmospheric pressure: 86 Kpa ~ 106 Kpa

6 Month Warranty

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