dentmark dental chair 6 led light with sensor

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Category : Dental chair head lights
Weight : 4500gm
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1. Efficient shade-taking without leaving the dental chair,good for dentist.

2. Avoiding dentist choosing the wrong teeth color due to the unstable light environment.3. Three light setting:day light/room light/bient light,easily switch.

4. 12 pcs super LED light.




1.Use daylight setting to acquire shade; use room and ambient

   Light settings to verity shade.

2. Choice of 3 simulated lighting conditions: daylight,

Incandescent and ambient light.

3. Pay itself with the price of one remake.

4. Reduces glare and reflective highlights

5. Easily toggle between 3 lighting conditions with

One-touch control.

6. Provides consistent lighting conditions

between dental office

and dental laboratory for shade analysis.

7. Eliminates shadowing from upper lip and

distracting outside colour

sources from interfering with shade selection

8. Eliminates color distraction in the oral cavity

9. Constant Light Output


 12 super LED light

 LED color temperature settings

 Day light:5500k;

 Room light:3200k; 

 Ambient light:3900k

 Light output

 consistent for 3 color temps

per pcs