Dentmark dental loupes 3.5x (metal frame)

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1.Surgical Loupes 
Galliean Surgical Loupes  is very popular applied to 
 Dental, Plastics, Neurological, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolarygolpgy,also can be used for electronic and Industry.
Our Dental Loupes is produced by high quality optical glass material with muil-coating.
It can supplu large field of views amd deep depth of view.
It is used for reduce dentiest's eye,neck and shoulder fatigue.Which is caused by long time lower head work.
Maginification:                   3.5X
Working Distance:           320-420mm               
Depth of field:                   80mm                             
Field of View:                   60mm                            
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 Main Glass 
 Cleaning Cloth