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New Arrival Denjoy iFive Mini Apex Locator/LCD Root Canal Apex Locator

 IFive apex locator mini adopts the most up-to-date multi-frequency, ARM, DSP and auto-calibration technology. And the accuracy can reach 95% or more in clinical cases. The device is designed based on the principles of human engineering science, which is endowed with compact, pocket-size, lightweight apperance and remarkable performance.


1. Small size and lightweight body is convenient for doctors to carry and operate. 

2. High capacity lithium battery, low consumption,safer and more efficient.

3. True color LED differentiates root canal area. 

4. Dual function of indicator and prompt:  

    a. Dual control of the root canal file into the pulp cavity. 

    b. Charge with indicator light.

    c. Control and 3 stage buzzer sound control.

5. Easy to operate, more accurate:

    DSP multifrequency root tip positioning technology.

    Suitable for all kinds of complicated environment of root canal.

    Powerful data analysis and processing capacity.

6. The measurement is free from the root canal environment. 

7. The measurement is not affected by thickness of the file. 

8. With function of automatic power-saving. 

9. File holder & stainless hooks can be autoclaved to avoid cross-infection. 


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