Dentmark neem oil(100ml)

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Category : Herbal Ayurvedic
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1. neem stimulates collagen products which slow down the again process of the skin.
2. neem oil is rich in essential fatty acids, triglycerids, vitamin-e and calcium that helps IM Relieves of dry skin.
3. neem oil has antisaptic properties which are known for keeping infections at abay.
4. neem oil has antifunal properties that prevents and treat common fungal skin infections like ring worms, athletes foot and nail fungus.
5. neem oil improves your scalps health but also maintains the PH Level of the scalpb healthy scalps means no dandruff.
6. neem oil is considered to be the safest and the most effective way to get RID of head lice.
7. neem oil strengthens the roots and accelerated the growth.