dentmark dental push button torque airrotor handpiece(anti retraction)

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Dentmark super torque push button air rotor handpieces are designed to facilitate user-comfortability for the professional and a significant reduction in procedural times for their patients. The especially designed head size and customized light positioning contributes to a specialized level of visibility and maneuverability for users.

With the innovative Eco-nomical technique,the exclusive design & those hard to reach and hard to see places are more easily accessible, thus streamlining and shortening procedures, making it possible to achieve results with greater accuracy and precision. 

  • Intended for dental clinical treatment and prevention
  • Suitable for any E-type headpiece accords
  • Suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave

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1x Handpiece
1x Head Opener
1x User Manual

Push type Anti retraction Airrotar handpiece


Air Pressure: Maximum 0.2~0.25 MPa (2~2.5kgf/cm2

Minimum 0.18~0.22 MPa (1.8~2.2kgf/cm2)


  • Be sure to sufficiently lubricate the air-rotor with good quality handpiece oil befoe Autoclaving


  • Autoclaveable upto 135C 


DR. MEENU GUPTA On February 16, 2019

innovative & easily accessible