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Air -Motor Engine with high quality making dentistry more proficient & promising. Air-motor engines are the result of intensive research & studies by the professionals to deliver the best of quality to the dentists.

Air-Motor is a dental equipment which can be used in Dental clinics & minor surgical units in place of micromotors. They are air driven motors as compared electric driven micromotors.

Why should Dentist Use Air-Motor rather than Micromotor?

  • Advanced Technology
  • Economical
  • Provides sufficient chair side time for clinical cases.
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1 Airmotor  Unit with Tubing

Warranty: 3 month

Extra-light & Powerful.
360° rotation of the contra-angle handpiece on the motor.
Extremely powerful motor with high torque.
Long lifespan.
Compatible for both Cold Sterilization & Autoclavable at 135degree Celsius.


Avoid contamination of handpiece with Blood or other fluids.
Periodic oiling of the handpiece with good quality Oils will yield better results.
Kindly follow the manual for speed control & usage.