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Category : Blue T-File
Weight : 10gm
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dentmark dental  blue t file heat activated

1.It is pre-flexible and can adapt to the root canal path itself.
2.Special design of screw thread,enabling the file to slow down when approaching the apical foramen,and this avoid perforation.
3.Special processing craft makes the file more flexible,rendering it enhanced fracture resistance and having unique memory recovery.

1.The newest technology of nanometer coating.
2.Special design makes it less possible for the file to be embedded in the root canal wall.
3.Comply with canai morphology and maintain the original form of root canal.

Operating Method:
1.Insert T root canal files into root canal orifice, then starts the motor.
2.Put some pressure slightly,then make theT root canal files along the trend of root canal promote the apical.
3.After reaching working length of the root canal,T root canal files need to do up-down movement 3-5 times,then use the next root canal file.
4.When using the T root canal files,please use EDTA to lubricate root canal fully,during the process of root canal preparation, if the needle freezes,exit the root canal files,then after rinsing ort fully,root canal files enter into root canal again to prepare.

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